Endless possibilities 

Foreign companies in brazil

Brazil has a huge and full of potential market, however, it’s a big challenge. Being a big country, Brazil has many challenges in the geographical, social and economical fields. It’s taxes regulations are complex and constantly changing. With our team located in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, we can help you overcome the challenges and enjoy the opportunities of this beautiful country.

Brazilian companies abroad

We can help your company participate in the global economy, more information on the portuguese version of this website.

Our services

market research

We can help you looking into the possibilities to set up the expansion to the desired territory, including a detailed SWOT analysis and trends from the destined/desired country/region.

Legalization protocols

Research into all the required regulations and protocols to set up you business abroad, including financial requirements and registrations.

Local representation

We can, if desired, serve as a legal representative of your business, depending on the desired region.

representation at events

We can, if desired, serve as a representant of your company at events/ fairs.

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